Battlefield Earth (2000)

Say what you like about Tom Cruise (and we do), but at least he’s had the sense not to let his devotion to batshit-crazy pseudo-religion Scientology impact on his movie choices. The same can’t be said of fellow traveller John Travolta who killed off what remained of his credibility with this utterly dreadful sci-fi outing. Battlefield Earth is based on a 1982 novel by ludicrous … Continue reading Battlefield Earth (2000)

United Passions (2015)

Is there anything worse than the corporate video? You know the kind of thing, a promotional film produced by, say, an oil conglomerate to make out they care about the environment and aren’t just a bunch of profiteering bastards. But it takes a special kind of arrogance to give such a vanity project a full theatrical release, so hats off to world football’s governing body, … Continue reading United Passions (2015)